Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 2, page 2 of 4)

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Part 2

bell peppers, cooked her rice on the stove top ,hardboil her eggs, sauted her pepper slices, and made her salad dressings from scratch. She placed her beans in ice

water to cool so she could place all of the ingredients in the refrigerator and then clean up her cooking station and washed the pots and utensils and put them away.

She signed out and went back to her room before six thirty that evening.

​ Next morning at six o'clock the contestants arrived with the aprons and chef's hats on and ready to compete . The first meal to be prepared was an breakfast

that is usualy served at a hotel or convention center called continental breakfast. Julie had the dough ready for rolls and donuts. She mixed her pancake batter,

She shredded her potates and deep fried her hasbrowns while cooking the bacon and sausage.. She had already made a pineapple juice syrup and a maple syrup to

go along with the store bought syrup. She made both regular french toast and cinnamon french toast. She scrambled eggs. and baked biscuts from the dough she

had prepared the evening before. The judges gave her a rating of ninetytwo percent . She learned later if she had left out the store bought syrup she would have

given her one hundred percent. When she had a minute she scrimbled fiftyone minus eight equals fourty three percent left and still a few more days to go.

​ The next was a meal that could be just for the family or served to guest for either lunch or dinner anytime of the year. Julie made meatloaf with new potatoes

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