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Part 2

The day the competition started they all had breakfast together in the dining area. They had a tour around the kitchen and was showed whatcooking station

​with a stove top, two ovens, a double door refrigerator freezer combo, a prep table and a appliance table at their use. The freezers was stocked with the pieces​of mest, the refrigerators was stocked with the same items and condiments, same with the cabinets the same spices, and staples. They were told that fifthyone

percent had to be made from scratch.

​ At ten that morning the written part of the contest began By eleven the written part of it was done and graded. She past her utensils arrangement test with

flying colors The meat cuts and their usage she did great on, what vegetables went good with what meat she did great on, and the lengthy questionnaire she

with the score of 95 percent . She messed up on what wine went with the meal test..She didn't think to study that at the library. The only thing she got right

was the cooking wne to put in spaghetti.

The afternoon was their time to arrange their stations the way they wanted to make things easy to prepare a lot of the vegetables that they would be using in the​meals that they prepared for the judges so Julie cooked her beans in a pressure cooker while she sliced her onions both green and regular,along with the tri colored

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