Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 4, page 3 of 3)

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Part 4

they get a break and the sub for father Ryan is Father Smith and the sub for Sister Anna is Sister Frances. Tonight all four was there Sister Anna was enjoying the

evening in her room and Father Ryan was asleep in his quarters when a man was dressed in a business suit came in. Julie had just gotten her a drink and went back

up to the second floor when gun shots was fired and several more as though some one was shooting either a semi automatic weapon or a full automatic weapon.

Julie remembered the attic and headed up to the closet when she heard screams coming from the chapel portion, she quietly went into the closet and opened the

attic door. She remembered to close the door then she called agent Walters from her cell phone. he asked her if she was safe and she replied yes but I heard yelling

so I'm afraid if it was Father Smith or Sister Frances and she hoped that Sister Anna and Father Ryan was safe in the lower part of the cathedral. Agent Walters told

her to stay put and response team would be there in just minutes and he was own his way.


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