Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 4, page 2 of 3)

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Part 4

​ Julie witnessed from the balcony a beautiful wedding then a christening of a baby. She attended even church services from the balcony. She wanted to take

part in communion but knew she couldn't. Father Ryan and Sister Anna gave her communion. She had to hide in a closet downstairs once when a family came in for

consultation untill Sister Anna escorted them into Father Ryan's office then Julie snooked upstairs without being noticed. With agent Walters coming by every so

often to check on her and ask her more questions she felt as though she was a yoyo or ping pong ball and game wasn't stopping any time soon. Sister Anna showed

Julie a big huge closet upstairs that had a door to the attic that a lot of people didn't know was there because of the location of the door in the closet. It would have

taken a blue print of the orginal building plan to find. Julie asked why she showed her that and questioned her if she was supposed to be cleaning the attic room.

Sister Anna replied I'm not sure why but she just felt like God was telling her to for reasons she had no idea. She told Julie that when some thing keeps

​coming to her mind like this one several times in several days in a roll she listens to it because it usually is coming from God.

​ The front door to Saint paul's is unlocked twentyfour hours a day so if any body needs to pray or talk to either Father Ryan or siste Anna they can. Some times

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