Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 4, page 1 of 3)

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Part 4

Julie settled into Saint Paul's fine. She cleaned a lot of the building in the evening and after services to try to stay out of sight and lay low. If the press found out

where she was they would be harrasing her and bring bad publicity to the church and she really didn't need any of this. What she really needed was her mother to

give her a hug and tell her every thing would be alright, but that was out of the question at least for right now. After she was done with work she would plug in her

laptop and enjoy either watching a movie on line or play a game or even writing stories for an online book club. She wondered if she was good enough to be a real

author and publish a book like one of the famous authors who had written several real known and highly rated novels.

​ On fish day she enjoyed the crispy fried fish that the cook fixed with cole slaw or potatoe salad and baked beans She advised the cook on the seasoning for

​the baked beans. The next Friday the cook change the seasoning and the priest complmented on the baked beans. Sister Anna gave Julie a rosary with a cross​bookmark and a bible to read. Sister Anna was involved with their perish high schppl and was in charge with their home bible studies where she would send a

weekly bible study lesson then the person would mail it back so they met in the library nightly and study which Julie really enjoyed tremendously.

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