Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 1, page 3 of 4)

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Part 1

wash clothes. She laid them on a little bench at the end of her bed. She preceded to make her bed then replaced the little bench and by then it was getting dark and

time to turn on the light. She scan through the television stations and didn't see anything good to watch so she continued till she found an oldies radio station being

broadcast over the television and left it on that station and reread the phamplet. She decided to attend the orientation the next day then again on the morning of

the event was slated to start. She thought to herself that instructions really wasn't hard to comprhend and thought she just needed more of a level head and things

just seemed to be mind boggling since she was just tired that maybe a good night sleep would clear up her thoughts.

During orientation Julie found out the girl who was assigned to be in the room adjoining the bathroom had pulled out of the competition so she had that bathroom

to herself. When she went back upstairs she put her personal hygiene items and hung up both sets of towels and her robe in the bathroom leaving the little padded

bench for her purse when she wasn't practicing placing pictures of utensile in the right arrangement according to the day's menu..She practiced several times to make

sure she had it right. She caught a city bus to the library to make several copies of the contest questions so she could practice doing that. There was a couple that

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