Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 1, page 2 of 4)

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Part 1

six hours journey to Chicago. She forgot to thank her mother for applying for the competetion. Her mother was always keeping in touch with her and letting her know

when things like that was happening especially near their home. She hadn't talk to her mother for away since her aunt was admitted into the hospital and needed her

sister to be with her and Julie didn't want to bother them. Then when she was dismissed and needed more advanced medical care and heard about a treatment in

Europe that wasn't approve here in the United States they grabbed the chance to go there.

‚Äč She arrived in Chicago and signed in and picked up the key to her room. It was a littler nine foot by twelve foot room with a bathroom that adjoined another room

by a door which she hoped whoever was assigned to that room wasn't a slob. She was given a phamplet that contained all of the events that she would be competing

in and how things was going to be run. She hang her clothes in the closet and put her nighties in the proper drawer. She looked in the bathroom and saw a very

small cabinet to put her bathing and other personal hygiene items but she decided since she had a empty drawer that she could just put them in it and could carry

them into the bathroom. The bathroom had a nearly new shower stall.

She went to the linen closet in the hall and got a set of sheets and a light blanket type comforter and a couple bath towels along with a couple of hand towels and

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