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Part 1

Julie always wanted to be a famous chef at one of the real respected restaurants either on the east coast or in New Orleans but without money for a cooking

academy and without that training employement was hard to get at those restaurants, she continue to stay on at one of the fast food joints in her hometown in the

midwest. One night while working the closing shift she was taking out the trash and ran into a man whom she thought had thrown something in the trash dumpster

and gave her appologies. Later while locking up the trash bin's wooden gate she noticed something really shinning and saw a hand gun. She used some paper

towels to pick it up and at first thought the night manager who has one at his disposal in case of a robbery acidentally knocked it off of his desk. When she timed out

she locked it in her locker then timed out and went home. The night manager went on vacation and nobody said anything about and then she had her three days off

and completely had forgotten about the gun laying by her sweater.

‚Äč While off she recieved a letter in the mail stating that she had been invited to compete for a spot at the cooking academy. She had some time coming to her so

she went into the office and requested two weeks off to attend the competition in Chicago. The day manager approved he request so she packed up her car for the

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