Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 5, page 3 of 4)

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Part 5

someone and told that person that she wasn't there then he heard a dog barking and left very quickly They both thought maybe he thought some one was coming

into the cathedral.

​ When agent Walters questioned Julie if there was any one who would want to hurt her at first her answer was no but then she remembered that man at the fast

food place that night and told agent Walters. He asked the FBI office in her hometown if there was anyone missing and was told yes that on that evening a FBI agent

was escorting a female witness to a different safe house closer to the courthouse in the county next to that one and was shot to death and the lady who was a

mistress to the drug king had witnessed the murder of his partner and was going to testify and it would have landed the drug king in prision for the rest of his life was

missing and presumed dead.

​ The FBI office found out exactly which landfill and lot that the garbage was dumped and was digging while agent Walters had Julie's boss open her little locker

up and the gun she had put in it was still there. He had the lab run test on it and the man she describe she ID as the drug king's hitman. The FBI agents found the

body of the drug king's mistress.The prints on the gun matched up to him and the balistic matched up to the gun and the bullets in both the FBI agent and the

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