Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 5, page 2 of 4)

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Part 5

repaired so replcements was ordered by Sister Anna. Julie was told by agent Walters to stay in the attic while the remodeling crew was there so she fixed her up a

little desk where she could do her bible study. She asked him if she was in any danger and of course his answer was no but better to be safe than sorry, and since

they had no suspects or a motive for the shooting she needed to be safe and if any of the parishioner see her and recognize her there would be press all over plus

then she wouldn't hve a place to stay till their investigation is over.

​ Julie reassured agent Walters that she did not kill Judge Landers and had no idea why the cathedral was shot up. Agent Walters hadn't even suspect the two

incidents could be related untill then. He left the church wondering if there was a connection between the two crimes and the only possible link was Julie. He

​knew then that maybe he wasn't asking the right questions. He visited Father Smith and he told agent Walters he kept aking him where is she I know she's here.

​When agent Walters asked Sister Frances she told him the same thing and he said don't lie to me you know that girl is staying here so tell me where Julie is. she told

agent Walters I told the man that he mistaken that there is no Julie here. he shot her in the arm and she still didn't know a Julie then he shot her in the leg then​Father Smith intervene and he questioned him and when he said he didn't know a Julie he shot him in the side then her in the side and then he made a call to

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