Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 5, page 1 of 4)

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Part 5

The regular police arrived on the scene first followed by agent Walters then the rest of the FBI teamand Sister Frances was hit in the leg and arm on her left side

and Father Smith was wounded in the side and was transported to the local hospital. Agent Walters talked to Sister Anna and Father Ryan. The gunman did not come

down to the bottom floor and had hid in their closets. They didn't know at the time what the gunman wanted but thought maybe it was a robbery since

​Saturday night service is their money making service. When Father Ryan was escorted up to the chapel part of the cathedral he saw that all four plates was still under

the table full of money.Father Ryan wasn't sure why else someone would shoot up the chapel. The team measured and picked up evidence that was left. Agent

Walters came up and asked Julie if she saw who did the shooting. Julie didn't see who it was and had not seen any stranger around then she remembered that one

of the media had came up to the balcony to take pictures of a wedding and asked her if she was Julie. She answered no and went into the library and down the back

stairs to Sister Anna's room. Agent Walters asked if she could remember what day that was and Julie replied yes it the day before yesterday.

​ The clean up was a full day's work and then the church had to hire a company to fill the holes in the walls and re paint the room. The artifacts could not be

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