Death At Sailboat Cove (Part 1, page 1 of 4)

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Part 1

Sitting at her news desk reading this letter from the studio's head office about upcoming promotions Catrina saw her name as the Evening Anchor in a town two states away She wasn't thrilled about being transferred to another state but she did sign up for an advancement to another position and she was going to complain to her

​ bosses come Monday morning. She went home very disturbed about her bosses just doing this on their own without asking her but if she quits she wouldn't have a paycheck at all.

​ When she got home she had a email from one of the women reporters telling her she as proud of her accomplishment but she would be missed. Another one of her friends told her to look up the anchor position for that studio and would make a good one. After dinner Catrina did exactly that and when she read the pay raise and several of the evening anchor personnel had transferred to bigger stations or the day positions with more money and less time but what she really liked about it was only sixty miles away from the only placed she called home when she was a child. She wondered if the Sailboat cove still existed and she hadn't been in touched with her grandparents for years.

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