Death At Iron Hill (Part 4, page 1 of 4)

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Part 4

The only child left was Samatha and Joe knew how to keep her on his side. He catered to her crowd providing lots of alcohol. cigerettes, and even wacky weed. They were partying at all hours while Kathy was working to provide what she could for her children, He was a regular playboy at his new hugh house. He had those teenagers snowed into thinking he really cared for them

Some of Samatha's friends were eighteen so he came onto them big time and provided them with birth control pills and other gifts and they enjoyed the party life with such a good looking, smooth talking man He was letting them drive his very expensive Mercedes Benz around town.

​ He made sure that Samatha made it home before Kathy did and tucked her into bed so Kathy wouldn't suspect anything was wrong even paying one of Samatha's friends to drive her car home for her. At first Samatha's boyfriend Brad was invited to Joe's parties but after awhile he talked to Samatha and presuaded her that Brad wasn't adult enough for her that she needed a real man

​ Samatha and her friends started hanging out more with Joe skipping their curfew hours and lying to their parents on who was staying over with who one night.or the next. Joe was always throwing some kind of party and Halloween was just a perfect alibi He gave all of the young women a great deal of money to buy their costumes.and all of the decorations for his new house.

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