Deadly Secrets (Part 1, page 2 of 3)

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Part 1

"Stop it!" she yelled, her voice hoarse and weak. "Please...Stop it..."

"Why should she? After all, you know she's right."

Zara looked up with bloodshot eyes, dragging her nails up and down her legs.

Leaning against the other corner of the room, was another girl. She looked exactly like the one on the floor, except her eyes were blue. Her hair was a darker shade of brown and tied up into a tight ponytail. Her entire outfit was black, including her combat boots, and her facial features were drawn into an expression of anger and contempt.

"There's no one else to blame, except yourself," she said.

Another girl appeared, also a clone of the first one, except her eyes were brown and her hair hung freely around her shoulders, with large wire-rimmed glasses sitting on her snub nose. She had baggy jeans and a loose top, while worn-out purple Converse shoes adorned her feet. She looked disappointed, rather than angry.

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