Deadly Secrets (Part 3, page 2 of 13)

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Part 3

Orion plopped down behind her and tapped Zara on the shoulder, "What's up?" He whispered.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Zara whispered back, her eyes blindly darting around what she assumed was his face.

"What?" He seemed incredulous. When was she ever wrong about things like this?

"We have to go back," she tugged at Orion's sleeve, "Where's Aurora?"

"Sup." Aurora was by her side, "Why have we stopped?"

"Zara is trying to chicken out."

"I'm not- this isn't a good idea guys, trust me on this."

Aurora snorted, and Zara could've sworn that she heard Orion roll his eyes.

"Don't be stupid. Let's go," Aurora jumped up and ran off before Zara could interject.

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