Deadly Secrets (Part 3, page 1 of 13)

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Part 3

Zara's breaths came out in small white puffs as she bounded across a back patio, her backpack slapping against her with every step. The darkness weighed heavy upon her shoulders, and the air was thick and hard to swallow, like the growing feeling of uneasiness in the pit of her stomach.

She sensed that something bad was going to happen--and no matter how hard she tried to concentrate on other, less pessimistic thoughts, the feeling remained, like that annoying scratch on the unreachable part of your back.

I should warn them.

Zara jumped with catlike agility over a ledge, landing on both feet and crouching down on the ground.

She lifted her head and stilled, holding her breath as she waiting for the familiar sounds of her friends' footsteps before she could continue onto the next property.

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