Deadly Secrets (Part 2, page 5 of 12)

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Part 2

"Yeah, okay Orion." Zara rolled her eyes and rested her cheek against the window.

The rest of the car ride was relatively productive as instead of bickering, as Saffron said, like first-graders, they had discussed the plans for the night.

Whilst the other three chattered away, Zara kept relatively quiet as she gazed out of the window. They had left the big, bustling city of New York behind them and were now entering the suburbs of Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. The car was no longer encompassed by the blaring of horns and the foul stench of exhaust fumes, the road wasn't flanked by dilapidated brick buildings, and the sidewalks weren't occupied by dejected-looking pedestrians.

On the contrary.

Although it was nightfall, with the aid of the street lamps Zara could make out the small one- and two-family homes, timidly hiding behind high-rising bushes and well-tended gardens, like a toddler behind its mother.

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