Deadly Secrets (Part 2, page 3 of 12)

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Part 2

"I'm really sorry guys," Zara said, pulling the car door open and slipping into the vehicle. "I couldn't find this," she waved the crowbar around.

"Sure took you a while though," Saffron muttered, shifting the gear in reverse.

"Yeah, I know. I said I'm sorry," Zara closed the door just as Saffron pulled out of the parking spot, and she took her backpack off and absentmindedly shoved it against Aurora.

"Hey! Watch it," She whined, shoving it back towards Zara.

"Well maybe if you moved your-"

"Why should I move? I wasn't the one that took twenty years to get her ass into the car!"

"That doesn't give you the right to have your fungus-infested feet against me!"

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