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Part 4

Taylor Plaza, Florida had seen the beginning of a tropical cyclone. The speed of wind averaged at eight point two miles an hour; yet the hot air temperatures were blowing at eighty degree .The lightening soon followed; only it carrying hail and it travelled miles away from the area of the storm. The neighbors of Bentley Hill did not notice the weather was a strong indication of trouble ahead. The winds started to blow smoke and the trees had no calm look about them. The Jefferson Sea was in distress, as marina boats tipped over suddenly bring the crew members to immediate deaths by sea. A young man walked slowly down Pivot Lane when a tree instantly split in two and hit him in the head as his parent picked him up and carried him inside knowing he lost his life.

Adair looked at the blood left behind from the young man continuing to make her steps smiling as she realized it was well into night fall. As Adair walked through Bentley Hill, a Dust Storm followed in her footsteps, the dust looked like balls of fire waiting to have life of its own, but Adair controlled everything even its mission. Her mission was to marry her lifelong sweetheart Norman. Norman had settled in Long Beach, Florida

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