Dana's Choice (Part 9, page 1 of 7)

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Part 9

Dana was crying as she lowered the rope ladder to prepare for the ascent. She knew this would happen. She could have made him help her with her situation first, but she had decided that she wouldn’t be able to do that on good conscience.

“Sam, wait. I think we should take the magician’s body for a proper burial. Maybe that would lift the curse” she said between sobs.

Sam turned and after some moments of consideration, nodded his head and moved to the body.

The body was almost disintegrated. It would be difficult to lift it as is. So they tried to scoop up the body onto a curtain from the room. After much careful work, what remained of the bones was collected. They hoisted it carefully upwards. Some of the villagers were waiting for them at the other end. They helped them up and carried the bones with reverence. On reaching the village, they placed the bones for display for everyone.

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