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Part 4

“Its ok, we’ll find a way out”, he whispered, not sounding confident.

“I’ll try to open the door from inside”, Dana prompted and started walking backwards all the while holding on to Sam’s hand. She didn’t want to lose him in the dark.

On feeling the door, she tried re-opening without success. After many tries, they realized that there was no going back through that way. So they walked forward, unable to see anything in the pitch darkness.

“I’ll feel the wall on one side and walk as long as it takes us”, said Sam.

“Maybe you can tell me what all this is, in the meantime”, she suggested.

“I guess you should know about it sometime. Now is good as any” said Sam thoughtfully. “It’s a little history of our village. Not a good one. Long time ago, when people still believed in magic, there was a magician who lived in this cave. The villagers at that era called him a magician, but I think he was more of a scientist; a very good one at that too. He was very good at heart and made a lot of inventions that benefited the village. The village thrived when he was there. He had a lot of great ideas of getting the most of nature’s gifts. The crops yielded in abundance, the livestock flourished; in general it was a golden period for the village. We still follow most of the techniques he taught us in farming and other areas. He had a daughter whom he loved very much. She was as kind hearted and as brilliant as him. She fell in love with a guy from a neighbouring village. The magician, being open minded as he was, agreed to marry them off. At that time, the villagers were very proud and very possessive of their village and their magician. The village headman’s secret agenda of marrying his son to the magician daughter was ambushed by this decision. The village headman tried to turn the daughter away from her lover, but she remained stubborn, even after many threatening. So he turned the villagers against the magician’s daughter convincing them that she was trying take away the luck that the villagers were enjoying. The villagers believed him and chased the daughter and her lover to death. The magician hearing the cruelty his daughter suffered from the villagers was distraught. He became insanely angry and shut himself off from the rest of the world. He denied access to anybody outside to his cave by putting security measures like the electric boulder.

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