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Part 1

There was no other choice for Dana. She had to do this. Leave everything she knew behind for a while and plunge into unknown territories. For a long time, she argued with herself that there had to be another way. Finally she had to accept the reality. Reality did not even seem real anymore. That is precisely why she had to do this. She had to get back to reality and live a normal life.

It started one fateful day, when she when met Ms. Cathy. They had met casually in the park, in the twilight hours. Dana remembered that day very clearly. She had gone to the park on an impulse. She sat on a lonely bench enjoying the serenity of the evening. The leaves swaying to the light breeze, the children running around, the amazing effect of the light as the sun went down. She sat there just watching the world out there. She loved being all by herself. Precisely the reason she had rented an apartment alone. She was not much of a feminist, but she like being independent. Even though her life was as interesting as a snail’s walk, she didn’t have much to complain. She sat there with nothing on her mind, just enjoying the moment. Ms. Cathy walked to the bench and sat in silence for some time. She started the conversation with “Wonderful evening isn’t it?” ‘Yes it is’, Dana smiled.

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