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Part 1

Josie was a dreamer. As far back as she could remember she always was a daydreamer. Fantasizing about the perfect love, perfect life and perfect man. Knowing that that life was impossible she lived her life the only way she knew.

Josie was a woman who was very shy, quiet, not socialable nor great at anything she did. She never thought of her self very pretty with a weight problem which always fluctuated. Her taste for clothes was normal, never liked to dress up or put makeup on. She was just an ordinary girl who kept to herself and tried to stay out of trouble.

Most of her time was spent on listening to music through her father who played guitar and sang, through her grandfather who played piano and violin but was more interested in the piano and through her sisters taste of music which later on in life Josie moved away from the hard rock to easy listening and country.

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