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Part 1

She hasn't seen the trouble maker all day and he never fails to pester her. So she decides it best to check on his state figuring shell find him tangled in his sheets with some of the others. When she enters to the sounds of his moans she half grins till she gets close enough to see he is alone and so still.He barely draws breath and she rushes to his side trying to wake him. The feeling of hopelessness is palpable in the air as the soft sound of names flits from his lips.No longer able to toss and turn in his bead sliding her soft hands over his face and neck ,placing is ad in her lap,he was cold as ice ."Max...Max,,,,Sin,Sin Wake up"!"You will starve to death if not fulfilled completely soon Max."Groaning opens one aye the voice drifting"Reece I am too damn tired to feed."Starts softly groaning and whimpering.Rubs her hand up and down his chest knowing as long as his other half holds back,and not alludes him to feed it will be this way until he apparently snaps.She opens her self up to hear his heart of hearts his deepest desire. To discover that he is punishing himself for what he feels are his failures with Bridget.I allow a small amount of my powers to trickle in just enough to make the guilt aware this time he had done all while she turned her back this was on her not him. To build the awareness that if she wanted to be here this is where she would be she cracked his heart just a little and allowed him to feel the. Reality if useless longing and where it would lead. She didn't stop the love just made him realize sometimes it is not enough.Lost in his dream like state a first golden tear slides down his cheek as he whispers " Ara""Ssshh lover it will be alright I promise,"she kisses the tear away.Golden tears continue sliding down his face as images of his lost unborn little baby girl looking up at him flash in his half coma like state."You will find her at some point love she will know you are missing and this powerful child will seek you.""But you will need your strength to sustain you for her."Breathing deeply his skin slowly losing its glow."Max your child is not lost. Your child is alive as long as the child breathes you have hope. Trust me a babe alive is a gift whether here or not." It is when they breathe no longer and perfect skin casts blue shadows as those that are supposed to help drag you away telling ,you nothing can be done you give up not even if the child is at the other end of the earth and alive should you dare." She gasps out as this rips from her darkest part of her soul.Opening his eyes dull yellow no longer golden with black circles around his eyes,seaming to only be half listening to her word.She begins to shake beneath his head.

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