Cover Up In A Small Town (Part 1, page 1 of 6)

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Part 1

Detective Mac Harding wasn't sure what the new chain of command was going to be like under the new Sheriff Johnson's agenda. The election was brutal and he heard rumors that some of his fellow detectives was either hanging up their badges or transferring out to a different county or even to the state patrol. He hated all of those rumors because he had worked with all of them and he thought that a new sheriff would upset their working relationship by dividing up the detective unit.

‚Äč Mac must of been really deep in his thoughts that he didn't hear him being summoned to the sheriff's office. One of the female detectives tapped on his desk to get him to pay attention. He looked up at her and said hi Kim how can I help you. She started to tell him he was wanted when for the fourth time it came over the intercom system that he was wanted in the sheriff's office. Kim pointed to the intercom and said you need to go now.

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