Coincidence or Destiny (Part 10, page 2 of 2)

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Part 10

Meanwhile Meghna reached her office and narrated the whole scenario to Siddarth. While they were discussing Siddarth received call from Kabir stating about the official announcement. Without a surprise to Kabir, Siddarth instantly agreed.

Siddarth turned towards Meghna and informed that he has agreed with Kabir about the official announcement.

Meghna nodded him briefly and said,”Siddarth, In order to proceed I think we need to form a new team of ten members at least.”

“Okay, Meghna we will get this done. You can select the team members of yourself.”

“Thank you, Siddarth.”

Meghna formed her own team and gave them instructions. She also insisted them to meet in person with the Most Wanted Members in the list and made sure to understand their preferences and design accordingly. While she was going through the list of members for final check, she read the name Sagar. Her thoughts flashed back. It reminded her of way he walked, his muscular body, the style he had wearing sunglasses, mocking smile,his attitude and also the whisper of his voice. She brushed away her thoughts and got back to work.

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