Coincidence or Destiny (Part 8, page 3 of 5)

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Part 8

Kabir was happy to see the matured behavior of Meghna.

He also smiled back at her and replied to Sagar,”Sagar, I am not asking you to work with her but I am asking you to be co-operative with them.”

“Okay Kabir, if you say so, tell them to talk to my manager, get an appointment and then meet me regarding this. I have many schedules for the day so I better make a move now.”

Saying this he shook hands and hugged Kabir and left the room.

Meghna now realized that the discussions their friends had on Safar was all truth. He is the most arrogant, rude and womanizer. The way he checked her out was still bothering her and she felt helpless as she could not giving him a fitting reply to for his actions.

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