Coincidence or Destiny (Part 7, page 2 of 7)

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Part 7

“Hey Mister, Whom do u think you are? And how dare you give money and run away? Don’t you have any courtesy to apologize?”

“Didn’t you chased me down to get the money from me? And I also paid you more than enough for such a tiny scratch.”

Meghna got angrier by his response. She took the money from her purse and placed it on his hands and replied “Mind your words, Mister. There are things even money can’t afford. Try to learn some courtesy and respect.”

Sagar didn’t know how to react as none of others has behaved in such way to him. Before he could realize and react 10th floor came and the lift doors opened and she walked away. He was so shocked that he forgot that he must also get down at the same floor. Before he could react the lift was already at the top floor. He pressed 10 again and the doors closed.

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