CLAIRVOYANT (Part 12, page 2 of 62)

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Part 12

Ms. Joyce was in her back skirts and yellow sleeveless blouse by which some youngsters were drooling over her spathic boobies and the protrusion through her sleeveless blouse and the complexion below her knee enticed them.

Baskar was in his black pants and white sleeve shirt rucked up inside the pants and his thin appearance added to the pulchritude of his masculine beauty.

Both were in a small chamber allotted to them confidentially and both were sitting on a sofa in opposite directions.

Baskar opened the conversation:” Officer,” he called and added,” on reaching Malaysia , let’s go to Four Season Resort, Langkawi, 5 star Hotel and take rest. Veerapondy is residing in the adjacent room. He will leave the room by five in the evening for the sea shore. There we will nag him. This is my plan.”

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