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Part 4

Ramanan and his five wives were probing who Baskar is and what makes him succour.


There are four types of persons, the ‘dead’, who deny the Lord and declare that they alone exist, independent and self-directed, the ‘sick’, who call upon the Lord when some calamity befalls them or when they feel temporarily deserted by the unusual source of succor, the ‘dull’, who know that God is the eternal companion and watchman, but who remember it only off and on when the idea is potent and powerful, and lastly the ‘healthy’, who have steady belief in the Lord and who live in His Comforting Creative Presence always”.”

It’s ten o’ clock night. The active and busy life of urban was not as intense as that during day time. The sea breeze cooled the city and reduced the hot temperature. One can enjoy the panoramic view of city from the balcony. Swetha, her sister, Nirmala and her sister Anuradha, Brindha and Lalitha were standing on the balcony and immersed in the natural beauty of the city panoramic view. Ramanan was in the middle of them and enjoying the beauty of the city scenery, Ariel view of the city.

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