CLAIRVOYANT (Part 8, page 2 of 58)

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Part 8

Lolita insisted him to stay with her.” Pray you to remain with us. I don’t know whether you’re directed by your Gurunathar. We would like to know more from you. Please come with us.”

“What you guessed is right. I am directed to do penance on the bank of the Mandhagni River. Please leave me there. If you wish to come with me, I’ve no objection.”

Sivasankar did not ask him more questions. He guessed that he was going to replenish his used power by doing penance. So as per his wish, Sivasankar dropped him on the bank of the Mandhagni River.

Lolita wanted to be with him and Sivasankar inevitably left them on the bank of the river and returned.

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