CLAIRVOYANT (Part 11, page 3 of 59)

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Part 11

Laughing at her shivering, Siva convinced, “Sorry, sorry…Manisha, Just for fun.”

Sivasankar, the only son of Gajendran was enamoured of Manisha by freakish destiny and when he proposed she refused but when he insisted and persuaded her, she got encouraged and gave him green signal to his wish. For the past one month they used to meet at the tryst and made love caressing.

As usual, Siva came there while she was grazing the cattle on the grazing land.

Both lovers were sitting on the meadow and indulged in sex stories

“I’ve been asking you since a fortnight to expose your boobies but you are dodging….” Siva complained.

Manisha shook her head smiling lecherously. “If my parents come to know our affair, they will skin off me, darling. Really I am feeling sad for not fulfilling your wish.”

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