CLAIRVOYANT (Part 9, page 3 of 29)

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Part 9

“Where is that jinx?” Swathi earnestly asked him.

“It has already disappeared and reached its original place. But the sin he committed didn’t fade out. Sivasankar coveted it, he lost his father. Your dad stole it ; now he incurred heavy loss and now he is mentally upset and seems to be insane. Is it needed to him?”


“Mental shock is very heavy.”

“Mummy is going to visit Dr.Vasudevan who is a libertine.. I’m very much scared of it.” Swathi was very upset.

“Yes; I know it. He is a libertine.” Baskar nodded.

“Why didn’t you prevent my mother from meeting him? Swathi asked in angry and anxious tone.

“Even If I prevent her, she won’t listen to my words.” Replied Baskar coolly

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