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Part 1

Ega Chakarpuram is residential area, a district where people live and occupied primarily by private residence, where in an Agrahaaram, our renowned astrologer, Sastri and his wife, Shantha had been living ever since their childhood. There was a perennial river namely Kavaeri and there’s a railway station at the outskirts of the town to link with the city, Tiruchy.

Our Astrologer, Sastri was blessed with a son namely Baskar, the only son, who was studying B.A,.English Literature by Correspondence Course, Delhi University.

Sastri was a rolling stone which gathers no moss and he was leading a carefree life in his Mother-in-law’s house that protected him by dint of ‘beenah’ and he never cared the neighbors’ remarks about it.

He’s vested with the special quality of ‘Bovarism” as it is his wont to boast himself as, “Even Brahma can’t predict exactly as I do. My predictions will never fail. I predicted exactly that TMK party will be vanished from this State and get defeated in the election. As I predicted, that party got defeated and lost the confidence from the public. His fame as a great astrologer spread far and wide and many women of all ages thronged to his house. Driven by fate, many credulous people, majority of women folk paid a visit to his house as they had unshakable faith in his predictions.

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