Christian Grey by Another Name (Part 5, page 1 of 2)

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Part 5

Fast forward a few chapters:

Harry seemed to change when he was with me. He felt the need to dominate me and he expected me to be submissive to him. My willingness to submit to him was what he craved, as he interpreted submission as a form of respect. Respect in the form of submission was what he had learned from his father, and it was what he knew. Domination and submission was what he had learned and it was what he knew.

He was Christian Grey and I was expected to be his Anastasia Steele, although the words ‘Dominant’ and ‘Submissive’ had never been spoken nor any contract negotiated. But we were not part of a fiction book nor were we actors on a movie screen. I had become his possession, and my girl friends represented competition for him. Harry expected me to do as he said as he began to isolate me from all others in my world.

He wanted me with him so he would know where I was and who I was with. I was on an invisible leash that was held by an unrelenting master. An impenetrable wall was being built around me that I couldn’t see. Like the Great Wall of China, my wall was originally built to keep others out, but over time it had a psychological effect on me, causing me to fear what would happen if I dared to venture to the other side. I missed time spent with the girls, but that was no longer allowed, as my friends were forbidden to enter the fortress that had become my prison. If I suggested that we break up so I could spend time with my friends while he spent time with his friends, his emotional issues became even greater. His anger flared from the very thought of me leaving him.

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