Chance Inheritance (A Sample) (Chapter 1, page 1 of 5)

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1967-Sixth Grade

"Why do we have to stick our fingers?" Les is cringing, and I'm losing patience with her; she's such a sissy.

"Jeeze, how are we supposed to be blood sisters without blood?"

"I've heard you can get lock-jaw from metal."

"That's only if it's rusty." Allie is sitting at her lavender desk, writing our oath. Everything in Allie's loft bedroom is lavender. It looks like The One-eyed Purple People Eater puked in here. She holds the paper up, "Hey, look at this."

Leslie and I read over her shoulder:

We promise to stand together through thick and thin.

We will always be best friends and never let anyone come between us.

As long as we live, we will help each other whenever needed.

So help us God.

Signed in ink and blood,

Gretchen Nowak:

Allison Clark:

Leslie Patrick:

Les and I nod in unison. "Looks good."

Allison points to our names, "No, I don't mean the oath. Read the first letters of our names down."

"G A L… Oh, my God, gal!"

We stare at each other for a moment. Les holds her arms out. "I present to you, The GALs Club."

The three of us jump up and down screaming like banshees until Allie's mom comes in.

"You girls all right up here?"

Allie shows her the paper. "Look, we're the GALs."

"Oh, isn't that wonderful. Sweetie, why does it say signed in blood?"

We all avoid her gaze. Leslie saves the day. "Oh, it only says that. You know us; we add drama to everything."

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