Chance Inheritance (A Sample) (Chapter 7, page 3 of 4)

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He smiles knowingly, and as an afterthought, narrows his eyes. "Are you going to try to talk yourself out of seeing me again?"

This inquisition has put me over the edge. "No, I am not! Last night was amazing. You are amazing. I can hardly believe you're real. Right now I want to rip that robe off you and take up where we left off, but I am in last night's clothes and I slept with a guy I knew for two minutes. I need a shower and a little space to absorb all this. Jesus, are you always so intense?"

He is wide-eyed, taking it all in then breaks into his full, panty-melting smile. "Well, all right then. Now I understand." I throw my hands in the air and laugh. He's laughing too, as he engulfs me in a bear hug. "Let's take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon this afternoon. Will three or four hours be enough time for you to get your head on straight?"

I rub my eyes and shake my head. "What?" He starts to repeat himself like I actually didn't hear him.

I hold my hands up to stop him. "I heard you." He looks at me, waiting for an answer. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Good, meet me in the lobby at 1:00… how long will you be in Vegas?"

"Until Thursday."

"I'm scheduled to leave today."

A wave of panic washes over me, he's leaving. I don't even know where he lives. My gut hurts. Jesus! Get a grip, girl.

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