Chance Inheritance (A Sample) (Chapter 4, page 1 of 5)

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The GALs have officially made it through College. Allie is going on to medical school; she wants to be a pediatrician. Dr. Clark was hoping she would pick cardiology, but as long as she has M.D. at the end of her name, he'll be happy. He has offered to let us stay at the apartment rent-free until she graduates. Les and I have agreed we will find our own places as soon as we are gainfully employed. Living together has been a blast, but it is time to grow up and stop depending on our Sugar Daddy.

Les has landed a two-month internship at Wellington Management which she hopes will turn into a full-time position. I have applications out to every design firm in the greater Boston area.


The GALs are dining at Savro's, a new restaurant on Newbury Street. Les is working at Wellington Management. I have accepted a position with Scarpe Interiors, one of my top choices, and Allie is excelling in med school. We all have our own apartments now. Although I miss living with them sometimes, more often, I'm glad to have my own place. I do like my alone time.

I've been dating Rob Simons, C.P.A. for three months. I don't expect this to go anywhere, yet he is fun and a really good dancer. He's great in bed and not pushing for any kind of commitment, so our arrangement is working for both of us at the moment.

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