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Part 1

After a very busy week at the nursing home / assisted living facility were Gabrielle was the day charge nurse of the Dand E wings. Evening shift had it's moments but the day shift had more responsibilities. All of the doctors should be in doing their rounds soon so she made the aides do the sixtyfour residents vitals which included blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and weight while she passed out her morning and noon medication. Then it was treatment time. She hadto apply cream on a couple of the residents and one that was admitted from home had two bed sores on his thighs from sitting in a chair for days at a time. She posted a sign on his door reminding the aides to turn him from side to side hourly and had them date, time, what side they had turned him and sign it. She had to pour bleach into the sores then pack them with gause and then a bigger piece over it and taped with medical tape then she also signed the tape with the date and time.and her name.

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