The Green Parrott Gunfight (Part 1, page 2 of 33)

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Part 1

He dismounted, slipped a halter over his horse’s head and tied the lead rope to the hitching rail. I was glad to see that he didn’t tie the horse up with the reins; a horse can hurt his mouth bad if he shies when he is tied up like that. Lot of men do it, though.

Any way the ranger came in and said, “How you doin’?”

“Fine,” said Dad.

“Nice place you got here,” said the visitor. “My name’s Percy Hairytown, but you can call me ElPaso.”

I looked ElPaso and said, “You a Texan?”

“Son,” he said. “You never wanta ask a man if’n he’s from Texas. If’n he is, he’ll tell you on his own. If he ain’t, they’s no need to embarrass him.”

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