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Part 1

Back to the introductions. You don't know what I look like. I have bluish white hair that is all natural. Don't ask how because I don't have the answer. I have long eyelashes that leads to stormy grey eyes with golden swirls. I have flawless pale skin, blood red lips, and an hour glass figure. I have seen many envious and lustful looks from people when they actually take notice of me.

I quickly walked to the ballroom in the north wing because that's the way the nice lady went(note the sarcasm). As I stepped in they were just announcing the queen. Queen Mary as she likes her to call her began speaking" I called you all here to tell you something very important. My son is hosting a ball tonight to find his lost mate and princess to all the supernatural creatures and more. This kingdom is the last one that is being checked. The meeting will start in 1 hour so prepare. You are dismissed." I heard all the maidens saying things like' I heard he is perfect in every single way' and 'I knowIm going to be his mate'. Well I know Im not going to be his mate because a royal can't mate with a human, and as far as I am concerned I am all human, excluding the hair. I left quickly when she added ," all of you have to participate and dressup." How I wish I didn't stay long enough to hear. I go into my apartment like cavern. I go straight to the shower. I don't know why but water makes me feel........powerful , exhilarate, and relaxed all at the same time. I hoped out and went to my walk-in wardrobe. Who says maids can't have nice things? I lookthrough the dress section and decides on a gold and silver dress with raw diamonds. The dress had silver swirls around the breast then went down to my rib cage the swirls dancing together, until it turned completely gold stopping at my knee. I paired it silver heels, and my gold chain with all the gods symbol. I don't use makeup because I have natural beauty. I left my hair in natural curls and Im off.

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