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Part 1

My presence is unknown in this castle. Only by few people as I walk past and they watch me go. In this whole ocean of the world I am only a drop of water. This is the way I like things to be though. At one point I wanted more. My heart and soul believed that the way I live wasn't a part of my destiny, my fate. Another part of me lost hope years ago after being brought here.

My name is Storm Essence Johnson, at least that's what they told me 13 years ago. I can't remember it all, only glimpses here and there. I also get these visions, but I don't know how. Just then I feel someone plow into my shoulder. Instead of me falling like how I expected, they did. They quickly got back up trying to play it off."I would prefer if you would watch exactly where you are going. What if I was the queen?", the woman asked in an aggravated tone. Something inside me wanted to tell her that I don't care if she was the queen and that she still isn't and never would be, but instead of doing that I just shrugged and said"I don't know what would happen because you aren't the queen", then I added against my own will,"ma'am."She was shocked at how my voice sounded like an orchestra. She then registered what I said and replied"Well, you should still treat me with respect since I am the queens personal servant and she told me to go get all of the eligible females and gather them in the ballroom." She had this cute little smirk. It appeared she was trying to be intimidating but she just looked like a puppy."Ok, I will be there in a second. You may leave now." I told her after she just stood there for another minute. She gave me a hate filled glare and walked away.

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