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Part 5

Truman once caught young Kennedy Taylor with a drink in her hand, and a man who was clearly too old for her, in the pool spa. He let her know in no uncertain terms that the party was over and that she was lucky he didn’t filet her like a trout right then and there.

They bantered about the same threats as before, with Kennedy darkly saying she was going to turn Truman into a mouse and introduce him to a feral cat. Truman calmly and civilly invited her to go ahead, but to tell her mother of her plan first. That ended that. Kennedy was brave, but she was a little afraid of her mother, mainly because she thought her mother was a witch just as she was.

Because of his ballsy nature when dealing with Kennedy, Truman was offered the job of being her “friend and companion” at a ridiculous salary.

He was also let in on Kennedy’s secret. Personal assistant to a witch was not something he had seen in the local want ads, and he realized then that KT had been serious about the mouse and feral cat threat. But he wasn’t certain if her supernatural powers had fully evolved.

His job came with many perks, despite the fear he felt whenever Kennedy was unhappy. He had been to Europe three or four times, Asia twice, eaten in the best restaurants, divided his time between New York and LA, and so far had a generally good life.

He keeps Kennedy’s drinking, pot smoking, porn watching, and some other generally unsavory vices out of the press, and her image as squeaky clean as he can to the teen sets she attracts. He also tries to keep away a leering band of stalkers and pervs when they try to get just a little too close, though he has been tempted to let KT unleash her witch powers on a few of them.

He also tries to make her learn something of how the real world operates… like bras and panties need to be put into a hamper and then into a washing machine after being worn, since it would be unwise to use her witch magic for such things.

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