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Part 8

August 11, 2009, 04:14 AM, Central Time Zone, GMT

CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) Temporary Field Office

Near Crash Site

The man in the black suit and sunglasses waited for the assembled team of experts to seat themselves. He fully expected the glances of hostile suspicion he’d received. The identities of all the higher-ups, including himself, were withheld from those brought in to study and advise on the alien craft- a fact which nettled people used to freedom of access and information.

But these were unusual times . . .

The athletic young scientist with the beard, glasses and backpacker’s outfit cleared his throat and began. His name-tag identified him as Dr Ian Woodbridge. ‘You guys still don’t get the message. You’ve got to make the military back off, so that anyone inside that thing will feel safe enough to come out.’

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