Boom Boom Kitty (Part 5, page 3 of 7)

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Part 5

‘That’s not a regular plane,’ Jack muttered as he gazed along the length of the fuselage. ‘Nobody makes a plane almost a quarter mile long.’

‘Looks broken in a couple of places,’ Jason observed.

‘Wings that short,’ Jack muttered to himself, ‘are only good for supersonic flight. But there aren’t any engines. This just doesn’t make sense.’

‘Hey look!’ Jason said, pointing to a knot of emergency vehicles that were gathered on the far side of the vehicle. ‘Maybe there’s survivors.’

Jack assessed the crowd control situation, judged that the cops were preoccupied, took Jason by the sleeve, and began moving to the left so that they could get a look at what the emergency vehicles were up to. They passed through the shadow of the massive tail section to the other side. Emboldened by not having been challenged, Jack decided to move in for a closer look.

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