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Part 3

August 10, 2009, 10:47 AM Central Time Zone, GMT

Northern Outskirts, Anaheim, Saskatchewan, Canada

After spending seventeen minutes in blackness, trying to fumble the lock of the cellar open, Jack Moore kicked the door open with a curse and began climbing the stairs. Everything had gone dark the instant his house was shaken by an explosion. Several things were running through his mind. Was it a terrorist attack? Did someone drop a bomb on us? Was it the Americans? Was there an explosion at the plant?

When he got outside, everything was in an uproar. His neighbours were all outside, staring towards the northeast where a black column of smoke arose. The teenaged son of his neighbours, Jason Whyte, was piling into a pickup full of his friends. ‘The space shuttle’s gone down!’ David yelled to him excitedly. ‘We’re going to go see where it hit.’

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