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Part 6

After spending 15 years of life without knowing his child was a girl or a boy, he hurting every night and trying to make a call to her. Once he knowing it is a girl the day busted his joy and he planned to come back whatever it takes.but he needs to stand his own grave. Misleading and misunderstanding has never become clear. How hard he trying it becomes worse than worse. and he planned to reach his target and finding her daughter enter to the engineering faculty he bearly made his departure from Russia after 20 years.

One last word he heard from her is " I am Pregnant " and was at the Russian airport in Moscow.

"I'm In Russia Now" he made one sentence after a very long minute, without any strength.

How awful. He didn't have any support and had signed 10 years agreement with his client and evidence against both governments. If he violence his punishment not countable may be in jail lifetime or the death sentence.

"Please be safe it was his last word. that she heard. He felt guilty. But somehow he managed to control his thought to because they already registered their marriage. Reaching all 20 years in mind he lost his mind. He wants to cry and spells loud every agony he bore.

He lost his mind .his wistful is a puzzle. And he frustrated more than his breathing getting stop.

he just gets up and walks without mind and he reaches the secret stairs. Steps by steps he unconscious. and feel shivering but he needs to make it as soon.

While arguing with father & daughter she herds footsteps towards them. but this area, no one knows about it except nancy so she did not make attention to who came.

un expected. Every one whispered, why this man is here.

Both Grandpa and mom seem unexpected But I was scared how prof finds our basement.

Mom Starts crying and kicking with him and time to time hugging. Grandpa's face bright and he gradually reaches to him and hugs.

I am afraid of death. whats going is just a few seconds but I feel like one year. he was my dad. Breaking my wists, he hugs me at once I feel my whole skeleton is a break. My mind gets empty and empty.

He took my mom in to. I feel my all blood stop blowing.

One minute, two minutes I don't know how long. But it is so warm. How many times I hug mom every day But I never feel this. I want to keep more and more. Sometimes this is a very last time. So I don't want to lose it.

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