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Part 9

" Son I don't want to lose anyone of you. But why are you so childless. I know every story Such as the accident on Highway, the exam hall, Your lunch and dining table, and everything. can you realize how you become a rascal against the sweet girl? Are you guys dating early?

"Oh, no sir We just met at masters. when I saw her I felt aggressive evil thoughts to hurt her I try to control myself self but I am unable. Actually today also I want to spill acid on her face. I am sorry sir I lied and mislead to everyone. but all the time when I hurt her, she survived as a miracle. now I addicted to it. "

How does father willing to hear this kind of things against her own daughter. This man is a physio.

" young man this is not a film or drama this is your life and her life. don't mess up life with imaginations this is a dangerous thing maybe you will end up somewhere else. inside of film, Drama, and novel, there are a lot of characters like your behavior. but practical life it never works among these.

" Sir I am telling truth, Sir. I am not a film or film star fan. I hate dramas and novels I never read any novels."

Ok, let's stop it here. If you need to discuss further this or anything else find me. However, finally, I need every one of you to become a good nation.

" Good Night Sir"

'Good Night Make sure you have prepared an acknowledgment over your offense against her.'

"Thank you, sir"

'Seneth" It is Miss Gena.

"Yes miss"

"You have to claim your punishment from tomorrow onward. You made me the most miserable person on earth."

Sorry, Miss.

This is your worklist. follow up. I don't want to see your face even.

Without looking at the note I understand she will be asked me to do every housework.

By climbing up the staircase in countless times I still awake. How Could I face her tomorrow? This feeling is horrible. After talking to Professor I feel helpless. He makes me a speechless person among a thousand of people. I want to overcome my misbehavior against her. But every time I feel an aggressive angry feeling towards here.

I never meet her as an undergraduate student. So how come I so irascibility within the ten months. On the first day of the master's, I met her at the counter of the student ID issuing center. I feel where did you hide all these times, I just want to spell it to her and feel familiar, and also I feel angry at the same time. Oh, What is going on? That day, an accident on the highway, I didn't feel any bad even at the trial. How she survived without any streak. To my knowledge, she felt to the road at once in a sleepy mood. I feel happy to see her falling. It is not an accident that I push the Door button. I do it myself. As I saw her slept I just want to open the door. I don't know how that evil thought comes. Unlike today I feel so happy and do the same thing mislead everyone.

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