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Part 8

In the morning before breakfast, Thiwanka finds me on the way from milking. I have Milk Jar so I can make excuses.

"Your behavior is very strange Denelka .what is going on with you?"

"Nothing Much Thwanka I just Help them. Uncle Thomas said he is the one who milking so I lend my hands to him. Because I carry Milk Jar he does the cleaning of the corral."

"Ah, it is it. I saw you are on the top floor yesterday night. Did I come here to ask about it?

Oh, You Saw it Then Why Don't you come up. I watch the stars. If you are interesting let us do today. I have My stethoscope also.

You Bring Stethoscope here?

Yes, It is my own family.

"I can't understand you."

"I herd your quarrel with Seneth at night."

"Hey Don't let him know about it. I am still unable to identify he intends to fight with me. His every word is a rough shut."If he knows it is our world end."

"Arent you Angry with him?

Me? Why? You are considering his introduction phrase of me?

' yes I feel Shit things "

"I never. However every time I used to bear it. Other than he is burdened my things with himself and he carrying it every corner is not my matter. It does not count any weight for me. Because of it, he is the one who suffers not me."

" yes, it is true. Angry, Hate, and Jealous are always with him. I understand. but I wonder how you become such a cool person?"

You can become too. Did you see it?

"oh yes. is this man follows you?. He is a nut."

"Bye Thiwanka be ready your questioner is on the way. have a fun"

"Good morning Thiwanka Every one seems Grandfather's children. What I missed.?" It is Him. Seneth.

"Lots of. Find Your mind First, then you can have others"?

"Is that So?"

"Yep, Bye..... my barth time is almost in the corner.

While having breakfast Seneth Complain to Miss Gena about me and Thiwanka. he said we are hanging around the farm without permission. Miss Gena Noded that we need to meet her after breakfast.

'She asked Me " is that true?

"Miss From the day we are here I went to corral in the morning with Uncle William and bring the milk jar for him and allow him to clean the corral after milking.

Today Thiwanka want to know what did I done last night on the rooftop. So we met On the way from milking. This is what happened. We are not wandering around the farm without knowing."

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