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Part 4

Next decade I am the brave Queen who lives with Six Opposite sex enemies in the same house for one research. I will respect myself to be confident and stand along my feet. I don't have any friends among them. I never lift any word of inspiration among them. This is the Better and best place to be a having partnership for the worthiest research ever.

Seneth is the team leader Thiwanka, Arun, Rayn, Isuru, and Thushan are our crew, and later miss Gena also supposed to join us.

Professor lends me a task to find a suitable name for our group to publish and asked others to create a logo and make a routine arrangement to day to day works.

I got a great idea When Grandpa Say goodbye to me personally. So I requested Miss Gena that I need to talk to her for a while. Since she agreed I wait for her.

" Yes Denelka, What did you want to tell me?" after everyone leaves she turned towards me.

" Madam I am living nearby with my mother alone. we are a workers of this farm.


" So I would like to request from you to continue my morning duty from 5.00 am to 6.30 am at here."

What is your duty?

" Cleaning the cattle corral and milking of three cows.that all."

"Oh How did you manage it ?

"I do it years Mam. Whole of my university life and before also."

"ohh . Do you want to go home every day .?"

"No mam It does not need but if I did not do this my mother needs to work from 5.00 am to 4. pm here. other than she will start around 8.00 am"

"ok you can continue your work.but we should watering and weeds controlling to our area of the farm also. For that, you have to add another duty to your morning.

" ok madam Thank you".

"Hey Denelka , I noticed that you are not talk to each other. Do you have any problem with them."

"no madam. We are not friends. But we do not have any problem with us. I never talk to them from the beginning. that is all. "

" Is that so? or maybe a something elese like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,love quarrel?

" ahhhhhhhhh.... mis Gena .it is hurt."

I completely resolved my problem without any hesitation.......

Sleepless Long night. I don't have any clue to the group name.Why professor given it to me.

Oh Gosh: Initials "STRAIGHT HOPE" Maybe better.all are in including professor.

I wrote another two name as "Rise and Shine": "Drawn of cluster"

Finally got asleep.

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